Why Use Us?

So why us?
Well that's simple.  Reliabilty, Quality of work and we are friendly. 
What more could you ask for?
The most reliable local business in the area and we pride ourselves on this, we always keep in touch with our clients as we feel communication is key to a 'happy' customer, the quality of our work is second to none and we always go 'the extra mile' for our customers, we are fully insured......
Would you let a non corgi gas registered plumber fit a boiler?
of course not, so why let an uninsured window cleaner loose on your windows.  We are local, we know the area well and service our local area. We are just an honest and local firm wanting to serve our community how it should be.

How We Work

Although we can cater for clients wanting a traditional window cleaner with the ladders and bucket we prefer to use the most up to date method which is the Water Fed Pole Pure Water System.  As a business we have invested in a state of the art setup for our van, which boasts a 250 litre tank, 6 stage filter system, and a pole capable of a reach of 36ft.  This means we can cater for 3 story buidings and flats.

Our van is also equipped with a pressure washing system and Oven and Carpet cleaning system.

We have build what we feel is the best system possible........... why? To give you, the Client, the best result possible.

And The Result?

The result is simple......... the best clean possible!!

What more would you want? Afterall, you want a window cleaner for clean windows.  Why settle for anything less?